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Client's testimonies

Beverley Ashton - Nurse Prescriber and owner of Beechwood Aesthetics in the UK can give you first-hand experience of Surgery at Asklepion and also advise you on post -operative care on return to the UK

Client's testimonies

Client's testimonies

Asklepion – Klinika a institut estetické medicíny, Londýnská 160/39, 120 00 Praha 2; Tel.: 234 716 000, 234 716 111,

We understand that like many people, you may have heard about the excellent yet cost-effective aesthetic treatments that are available in Europe and yet......have heard too about  stories when the treatment has gone wrong and are therefore loathe to take the 'leap in the dark' and come for the treatment to Prague.

If you would like to speak with someone, who has already been in our clinic and hear about her experience, please do call to one of our client Mrs. Beverley Ashton on 07914 901 138 or e-mail at or visit her website at

Beverley (who is a Nurse Prescriber) can have an informal but informed discussion about your needs. 


Below you can also find some of the reactions of our former clients:

Beverly (age 53)

I cannot put into the words what I experienced, from the care I received from the “Amazing Anna, the Anaesthetist” to the incredible nurses, who gave me unique combination of total professionalism, underpinned by total kindness. My surgery results now (7 days, post op) are terrific, saying I´m delighted is an understatement.


Therese (age 57)

It was the best thing I ever did coming to the Clinic. I have come on really well, it´s unbelievable. I'm sorry I didn´t come years ago, but never too late.   


Susan (age 55)

Thanks I am loving my new nose already, the black eyes are nearly gone and i feel great. Once again I was treated so well by all the staff and will be back in June or July for some Botox. Many thanks again for everything,


Penny (age 33)

Dear Zuzana, I am doing very well thank you and am singing the priases of the clinic to all who ask.  I am extremely satisfied with the surgery and delighted with my stay at the clinic, the staff were caring, professional and responsive to my needs.  I am quite a senior nurse manager in England and I would be happy to have any of them work for me.  I am delighted with the results of the surgery and will forward some photographs when I can master the technology!


Elizabeth (age 69)

I have no hesitation in saying that I was very happy with my stay at the clinic  -  reception, nursing, ambience  -  all excellent.

I followed your after-care instructions to the letter and recovered very quickly and without pain.

You will remember that I came for fat removal from buttocks and thighs and can honestly say that I am very happy with the results.  My friends are noticing that I seem to have lost weight.  Bearing in mind my age (69) I could not have been an easy patient.  My measurements before were:  Hips 112cm ( now 107cm) my thighs were 69cm (now 61cm) but the big bonus is my waist  - it was 94cm and now is 79cm. There is a little unevenness around the thighs and perhaps a little more fat could have been removed but overall I feel that you achieved an excellent result in the circumstances and am very happy with my new shape.

My buttocks  and stomach are nicely flattened  and my jeans are a flattering fit

I am attending a social event in Monaco and wearing a dress I bought when I was 35 yrs !!


Penny (age 48)

I am very pleased with the results of the surgery and the hospital stay was excellent, very clean, very good care.
I would definitely come back for more treatment to you and will recommend you to others who are interested. 


Laura  (age 42)

Just been for my last appointment with my surgeon. He is a lovely man and very professional. I think he did a good job with the surgery on me, even though I'm still a bit bruised and swollen, I know this will improve with time.

I had my teeth whitened today as well, so my smile looks great now :-).


Gill  (age 51)

Hi Zuzana, I am feeling great thanks for asking. I was going to send an email to say thank you so much! I had a very positive experience! I was amazed at the amount of care I received pre and post op. Everyone was so kind, I would have no hesitation in recomending the clinic to anyone. Having had plastic surgery in England I feel the care and service I received in Prague was far superior.
I am beging to see the results now after my macs lift and I have to say its nothing short of a miracle.
Will you please pass on my thanks to everyone and especially made it so easy for me.
I will forward my photographs to my surgeon in a couple of weeks.


Elaine  (age 50)

I would really like to thank you for organising my lower eyelid surgery! I thought that your clinic was fantastic! I was really impressed with attention I received at your clinic! I have recommended you to many of my friends! Dr Jan Pilka is an excellent surgeon! He was wonderful with me! As I was especially nervous before and during the actual operation! I cannot thank him enough! He even came into the clinic on the Saturday to personally change my dressings! I am very happy with the results! Here is a photo of me 6 weeks post surgery! I love the result! I know Dr Pilka said that I was a difficult case so I cannot praise his work enough! I would love to come back to your clinic and maybe have the upper eyelids done!


Laura (55) - lipografting and breast lift

I wanted to put some thought to what I'm writing to not only thank you all for everything you've done for me but also to perhaps this may help you and others in the future.

Firstly I have to say that despite having an operation and the discomfort that naturally goes along with that I did have an incredible and enjoyable time in Prague. From arrival to my beautiful hotel and coming across to meet you, have the treatment, care afterwards and help back to the hotel, all was extremely well thought out and I felt really well looked after.

I was very impressed with the pre-operational checks on my health including taking the taxi with you, Jana for the tests at the clinic on the outskirts of Prague. I felt that you were all very careful to ensure that I was healthy enough to have the surgery and would have been open and frank had I not been. The medical doctor was very thorough and friendly as were all the supporting staff.

I was happy in my accommodation at Asklepion and was grateful for all the support pre and post-operatively and Paulina, Adela, Andrea and Eleanor were wonderful. Everyone spoke good English and were very kind with me and reassured me when I had any concerns and questions.

I am delighted with the results of my treatment. The mastopexy (breast lift) has been very successful and having the areas treated around love-handles and thighs meant I feel like I've had a body makeover which I am very happy with - I really am.

I loved being in your company particularly Jana and think you are such a reassuring, kind, lovely and easy person to get along with. Having you with me every step of the way was very reassuring and enjoyable