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Important Information

Important Information

Important information prior the surgery

Prior to a procedure under general anaesthesia, the client must have a preoperative examination during which an internist will evaluate the client’s overall condition based on the tests and examinations to decide whether the client is healthy enough to undergo the scheduled surgery.

The preoperative examination can be done either in our clinic or by your physician; the results should not be older than 3 weeks and should be presented before the operation.

The preoperative examination at Asklepion is performed one working day before the surgery in most cases, sometimes it is possible to arrange preoperative examination on the same day as the surgery is scheduled. Samples for the tests are collected every morning from 8:00 to 9:00 am, and the client should come on an empty stomach. During admission to the clinic you will be requested to show your ID or passport.

Please be aware that in order to proceed with the planned surgery you need to be healthy – without cold, fever, herpes or any other illnesses that can influence the course of the surgery or recovery.

Before any surgery under general anaesthesia, the client must not eat and drink 8 hours before the surgery and must not smoke at least 6 hours before the surgery. She/he should remove the removable dentures and/or contact lenses and not use make-up and nail polish.  In the morning before the surgery it is also important to evacuate properly.  

In case of menstruation please notify the staff of the clinic. During big planned surgeries (such as Tummy tuck or Augmentation) is not suitable to operate during first three days of the period. 

For safe surgery in general anaesthesia it is not recommended to use hormonal contraception. After consultation with gynecologist it is advisable to discontinue using two months before the surgery.

After the surgery under general anaesthesia, the client will stay at the clinic for 1 to 2 days, depending on the procedure and postoperative condition, so please bring along your toiletries, pyjamas, bathrobe and slippers.

During discharge from the clinic to home care, you will receive a discharge letter with instructions on what do to during the postoperative period. It is very important that you follow all the instructions, since the postoperative care and adherence to the required regimen can considerably influence the final result of the treatment. After each surgical procedure, strict hygiene should be observed to prevent infection and healing complications! If any problems occur, contact your doctor immediately to avoid any potential complications.

Other services

If you are interested, Asklepion can arrange accommodation according to your wishes in a wide range of hotels and apartments, located within walking distance of the Asklepion clinic.
You may choose from three-, four-, or five-star hotels and apartments of various styles.
We will help you select suitable accommodation for your needs and obtain favourable rates.

We can also arrange for a transfer from the airport to the hotel or apartment.