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Lipotransfer (Fat transfer)

Lipotransfer (Fat transfer)

The achievements of modern medicine allow Asklepion, the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine, to perform revolutionary treatment procedures. These include lipotransfer, or in other words, fat transfer.

In this way, fat can be moved from the areas where the client does not want to have it to places where it will look attractive. For example, if you are considering liposuction and would like to have your breasts enlarged, lipotransfer is a unique way to achieve both in a single procedure.

Lipotransfer also allows, for example, for a combination of liposuction and filling of the nasolabial grooves or cheekbones. The maximum success of the entire procedure is ensured by the use of PureGraf technology.

Lipotransfer  is a completely unique and revolutionary technique, that has literally started a new era in plastic surgery. Instead of "cutting" and "filling artificial substances", lipotransfer allows you to shape your body with your own cells! This is because aesthetic defects may be caused not only by excess fat, but also by lack of fat in certain areas.

The fat that remains after liposuction is the best implant the body can get. It contains only the body's own cells, which are fully accepted by the body. The Asklepion Clinic uses the state-of-the-art Cytori Puregraft system for the lipotransfer technique, which can increase the number of surviving cells by up to one half.